Pawn Stars Fortune

Posted by Shemah Sham | 9/02/2013 09:14:00 PM in ,|

I was watching Pawn Stars recently with my husband and was amazed how a lot of people bring vintage and old items to the store to pawn off, hoping to get a small fortune out of it. Most of them think what they have are worth thousands, only to be told that what they own is only worth $5. Some things, even though it's aged, junk is just junk.

So there was this guy who found a small coin from his late grandfather's keepings that he wanted to check out. He wanted to know if it did hold any worth or just an old coin. After getting an expert in to check the coin out, it was actually worth more than $20,000! What a fortune! So, those who still have old coins that aren't available anymore, keep it! Who knows, it'll make for a good gold nest egg for your great grandchildren.

OR maybe you can obtain a silver dollar at goldeneagle and hold on to that for future investments. Just make sure to ask a coin expert so you don't end up purchasing counterfeits!

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